Zombie Oblivion Response Pack

Shoot-Em-Up Strategy Game

ZORP eases you into the strategic thinking with a small learning curve and lots of fast-paced action.

Zombie Oblivion Response Pack

Limitless Variety

It features recommended board set-ups for beginners as well as a randomly generated board system. This guarantees tons of replay value.

Zombie Oblivion Response Pack

2-4 Players

ZORP is great for serious gamers and casual gamers alike. With two player games generally taking about 30 minutes and four player games taking about an hour-and-a-half, it should always be easy to get a group ready to play.

Carl Sommer

Print and Play

For anyone interested in printing out the components and the rule book and cutting out the cards. This should be an easy way to get the ZORP experience before you back it on Kickstarter! Sorry, you'll have to provide your own dice, though.

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